As per the notification from NO. CBSE/ACAD/VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS/2009, the school had formed an anti-bullying, anti-ragging committee to create an amiable environment so that learning can take place peacefully in the School. The Anti-Bullying Committee consists of the Vice Principal, a senior teacher, school doctor, counsellor, PTA representative, school management and legal representative. Students or parents can feel free to contact any of the members in case of bullying or ragging.

Don Bosco Anti-Bullying and Anti-Ragging Committee

Sl.No. Name Contact No
1. Sr. Ruth Rino Vice-Principal +91 8638417918
2. Mrs. Esther Kamei (Senior Teacher) +91 9366630761
3. Dr. Bengia Mepong Hillang (Doctor) +91 8837255040
4. Mr. Tana Taha Tara (Parent Representative) +91 9436636921
5. Adv. Mathias Tunar (Legal Representative) +91 9402845925
6. Mr. Tarh Miri Stephen (Management Representative) +91 9436636921
7. School Counsellor

Some of the recommended actions include:

(i) Oral/written warning.
(ii) Suspension from attending classes/school for a specified period.
(iii) Withholding or cancelling the results.
(iv) Imposition of fine upto a specified amount.
(v) Expulsion/rustication from school in rarest of rare cases.
(vi) The option of transferring a student from one school to another school may also be looked into.